The Ring of Hire

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  • The Ring of Hire Show
  • Founded in 2019
  • Host David Wilson
  • 25 years of Staffing Experience
  • Staffing Experts
  • Book Reviews
  • Staffing Software
  • Educational Interviews
  • Veterans Assistance
  • Leadership Topics
  • Job Coach
  • Live interviews with candidates seeking employment

About Us


*Results Staff* Staffing Done Differently

Contract solutions. Professional search. When we search for experienced candidates, we're looking for more than just a list of abilities. We're evaluating leadership skills, personal strengths, and background experiences. So, when you're ready to meet the top candidates, you won't be interviewing for qualifications. You'll be prepared to select the person who best fits your team.


Results Staff What makes us unique

We care! Our team is attuned to what every client and candidate values, needs, and wants.

As active members of the Lehigh Valley community, we strive to create a customer experience that exceeds expectations,

customizing our service to serve our partners better and help them reach their business and career goals faster.

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