What are some reasons for job search anxiety?

While searching for a new job can be an exciting part of your career, it can also cause a great deal of stress.
Whether you’re nervous about your qualifications or the uncertainty the job search process brings, it’s normal to feel nervous during the process. Here are some common reasons for job search anxiety:

Worrying about the uncertainty: When you apply for a job, you have to wait to hear back from the hiring manager about an interview. Not knowing whether you’ll hear from the company can cause a great deal of anxiety—especially if the company takes a long time to get back to you.

Feeling overwhelmed: In order to apply for a job, you typically need a resume and a cover letter. In some cases, you may need a portfolio, too. Having to gather all of your job application materials may make you feel overwhelmed about a job you may or may not even get.

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David Wilson